Tetrachrome Photography Berlin

This website will give you an impression of the scenes, atmospheres and moods I use to work with. Main focus is set onto travel and urban photography, wich is mainly done digitally.

Because I educationally come from arts, I still do a lot of analog photography. In analog photography I created several techniques to enrich the information range of a picture. My overall name for this works is „Prä-Exposal“ short „Prä-Ex“. There are sometimes parallels to „Lomography“.

Also, I did another step back in the histoy of photography by producing prints without using a camera at all. Here I use specially prepared plants and insects to create prints with inversed colours. I call these prints „Direct Enlarged Prints“ short „DE-Prints“.

Now, take your time to discover the different esthetics of Tetrachrome.


This gallery shows some of the latest shots made in Norway, the U.S. and the Alps. They are shot digital. The Norway-works are made in last October while riding in a VW_T4-Bus up all the way to the Lofote-Islands. The american works are made during a journey through California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah in December 2012. The pictures from the Alps are made in the Austrian and the Italian Alps in different years.


No matter how far out into wilderness your travels will bring you, your journeys usually begin and end in cities. Though your plan might be to walk through the deserts of Egypt or on deserted coastlines in Norway, your will have to start in a big city. That somehow changes the way you experience your journey.

When I came to the U.S. to make a roadtrip from the eastcoast to the westcoast, the trip startet in New York and ended in San Francisco. The classic opposites in this big country and a lot space for all the differences between. Berlin is my home right now and Paris isn’t that far.



Die Grenzen der analogen Fotografie sind noch lange nicht gesteckt, geschweige denn erreicht.
Das ständige Erweitern der bildnerischen Mittel digitaler Bildgeneratoren und der anschließenden flutartigen Verteilung hat der analogen Fotografie wieder die komplette künstlerische Freiheit zurückgebracht. Während sich die digitalen Camera-Devices durch Allanwesenheit und Live-View zu rechtfertigen suchen, kann die analoge Kunst wieder uneingeschränkt durch Hast und Realitätszwang künstlerischen Visionen Ausdruck verleihen.

Präexposale Bearbeitungen oder
die Farbe des Zufalls

Insects and Plants

During studying I began to print plants and flowers directly onto color-paper. It is a kind of colored Photogram, but with an unlimited enlarging option. My idea was that flowers and plants are negatives given by nature, ready to get enlarged. Later I found insects would be even more fascinating in colored prints, but first I had to find a way to make them light-transmissive.